Netherlands- One year ago Justice and Hannah from the Tiger Protection Foundation wanted to see how tigers acted alone in there natural habitat. They traveled to the Netherlands all the way from California. They’ve always loved tigers and wanted to see more of them. Hannah and justice are apart of a foundation that helps save endangered tigers, they’ve only seen them when there in captivity. Justice had an idea one day to go see what there really like out in the wild so they had to get sponsored. They made up to 10,000 dollars to go out to the Netherlands and observe them.
 Hannah and Justice finally got to the Netherlands and were so excited. They waited one more day and then went out to the forest to go and try to observe them in there natural habitat. Hannah spotted a cub and she knew where a cub was there had to be a mom or a dad. They crouched down and the momma tiger walked over to the cub and started to play with the cubs. Justice and Hannah wrote down everything they saw.
They were so fascinated by how they acted together, they would play around, but they would also be serious at times to make sure nothing was coming. The mother was very protected of her cubs. The cubs always wanted to run and jump around and not stay still when the mother wanted them to. Justice and Hannah only had a day left and they were sad, but were proud of what they have accomplished. The money went toward the trip and what was left went toward saving the tigers.
Hannah and Justice said ” we had a great time in the Netherlands and defiantly want to go back and see the cubs when there grown up.”
-Samantha Dewey February 28,2014


The Olympics

Olympic Games have a history of about twenty eight hundred years. They were first played near Mount Olympus in Greece in 778 B.C. in honour of the Greek God Zeus.
These games were held once in every four years, up to 394 A.D. when they were stopped by a order of the Emperor of Rome. When they were stopped competitions were held in literature, arts, dance and music besides sports.
Olympics where held in Greece in 1984. The Olympic Games are being held once in every four years. They took a break during the period of World War one and World War 2. The 20th Olympics were held in 1972 in Germany. Later Olympics were held at Montreal, Moscow, Los Angeles, Seoul and Barcelona.
Olympic Games attracted people from all different countries. The Olympic symbol are circles linked together. The five rings represent five different continents. Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America. The linking represents being together. The five rings are of five different colours. They are Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and Red. The Olympic flag has linked rings on plain white flag.