The tornado that hit Arkansas was a half mile wide and it left a 80 mile disaster zone. With the tornado going at rapid speeds there were 17 deaths on Sunday and 15 in Arkansas. The most people that died in Arkansas were 3,800 people. Rescue squads are now looking for people who survived the tornado.  People say this is one of the worsts storms we’ve had since 2011.

 Damaging winds, large hail were all part of the tornado and probably the worst part of it. The winds got over 200 miles per hour,the wind was strong enough to knock down trees and to crash power lines. The winds blew cars around like the were leaves and threw trucks across the interstate like they were bouncy balls. The power went out for at least  100,000 people. “We don’t have a count on injuries or missing. We’re trying to get a handle on the missing part,” Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe said at a news conference. “Just looking at the damage, this may be one of the strongest we have seen.”

The tornado touched down around 7 p.m. and last a couple hours. This tornado destroyed a hole neighborhood except for 5 house that were lucky enough to survive the destruction. Over all 60-70 houses were destroyed during the tornado, all these families are left with out homes and are scrounging through the ruble to see if there’s anything left of their homes. Search dogs are going through to see if there is anyone to find, also people from everywhere are coming to see what they can do to help.


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Texas Hurricane

  1. A hurricane landed in Texas, a 33 year old man and a 13 year old boy were affected. Rescue guard said that few people were seriously injured.
  2. Only two people died and few were seriously injured.
  3. The reporter focuses on the two fishermen that were out at sea, that were rescued.
  4. Jennifer Nguyen, a spokeswoman for Christus St. Mary Hospital in Port Arthur.
  5. This was the first hurricane to hit land since 1999.
  6. Some of the people said “it looked like a ghost town afterwards”.
  7. It affected Buck Johnson by putting a hole in the roof of his photography studio. I think he included his quote because I think it put a little humor in the dark point.
  8. It said a lot of rainfall and flooding could happen.
  9. It wasn’t as bad as Port Lavaca. It was light but still remained a big threat.
  10. He’s a youth minister and he also watch’s over a camp for kids ages 12-18. He had over 400 kids and he said he got the worst of it, the rain and the wind scared the kids.
  11. Robert Koch didn’t get affected by it because they traveled into the eye of the hurricane to experience what it’s like. They loved it.
  12. This is a Hard News Article because its news worthy and it tells you of the death and the destruction in Texas.

spring article


Spring has arrived and yet it’s still cold. No one really likes the cold, but it still is cold. The spring time is warm and everyone is wearing dresses and shorts. The spring time is getting ready for summer and the warm weather and the vacation’s that come with. Most people like this time of year because its when you get to pick out bathing suits and etc.. It’s a time with bright color’s and fun relaxing time. Everyone gets excited for being let out of school for the summer. The spring and summer fashion is basically the same, it has to do with bright and fun colors. Its when a lot of people go to the beach or go on cruises.

Most girls love to pick out dresses and wardrobe for the spring and the summer, so spring is when you see a lot of girls and guys wear a lot of shorts and dresses. Not to mention a lot of the spring fashion is bright and fun. Its light and pretty, you also see a lot of cute earrings that are big and colorful and just a kind of hip style to it. You also see flip flops and a lot of them, when it starts to get warmer no one really wants to wear sneaker’s anymore so they go out and buy flip flops. Spring fashion is defiantly one of the most up beat and outgoing fashion season there is.

Student Reporter-

Samantha Dewey

Goodnight and Good Luck


David Strathairn plays Murrow in good night and good luck.  In 1953,  Edward Murrow was one of the best-known newsmen on television. Joseph McCarthey  is a senator from Wisconsin, Murrow wanted to do a report on Radulovich and his case that he had been trying to plead innocent. Murrow decided to do a story on Radulovich’s case he questioned why he got dismissed. McCarthy responded by accusing Murrow of being a Communist. Meanwhile, Murrow had to deal with CBS head William Paley, who was supportive of Murrow but extremely wary of case he took on, while Murrow was also trying to support fellow newsman Don Hollenbeck battling charges against his own political views. While he was also working with Fred Frinley the head of CBS News. 

 Student Reporter,

Samantha Dewey

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus started her career off starting as the main role of “Hannah Montana”. The role started her acting and her singing career, after Hannah Montana she didn’t come out with anything. A year later she started to make music for her bangerz album.

Miley Cyrus has taken a big turn with her image and music could although she could  be the understatement of the year, but you can’t deny that she’s got people talking, whether it’ her bold new hair cut or her MTV’s. We have to give it to Miley though, she truly delivers a pretty good collection of danceable pop songs on her new album Bangerz, she’s showing that she’s not afraid to be bold with just her image, but also her sound.

Some people might compare her to Brittney spears and the big turn she took. One of the most up beat songs on the album is “Do my Thang” some of the lyrics are “I’m a s-southern belle, crazier than hell Getting wild up in here Getting live up in here  Burning up up,in here Turned up, up in here we tear the roof up now we up outta here.” This is a upbeat song where you can get up and dance. One of the slower songs is “Someone else”.

With Bangerz Miley is ready to join the danceable divas of pop like Rihanna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Ke$ha. There are no guys on this album and it might, surprisingly, be one of the best pop records that came out this year.

Student Reporter
-Samantha Dewey

Demi Lovato’s ‘Demi’: Album Review

This article is missing a couple things they didn’t really give you a background on her so you don’t know what type of music she is in to. They do compare her to Kelly Clarkson which Demi looked up to her when she was younger, but they do use some of her lyrics and they don’t overload them either. The author tells you her music is up beat but does have its slow songs about her past, but in no way would put you to sleep. The author did mention that she has changed since her last album because of the change she’s went through. I don’t think there’s a lot missing just a couple of things.



Pharrell album review

The part I liked about this album review was that they put all the need to know information about him at the beginning. They let you know what music he was into. I didn’t like how they included a lot of people into it they just should have named a couple of people to compare him with.  He liked the “lighter than helium vibe”, he likes the daft punk kind of music also the Robin Thicke music. The writer says “he’s a guy behind countless hits for hip-hop”. This tells you he loved the up beat music, he also song some of the songs in despicable me 2. I would listen to his music because the author said “he’s the reason why “happy” radiates good cheer every time the background harmonies enter.”

How to write a good music review: the differences between the review on Pharrell and this one is that it says not to compare the artist’s to a lot of people. Which in this article they did. They did give the background information to inform the read of his music and what he is in to. They also included the lyrics and some different music lyrics to represent what music he’s into. The author did miss talking about his performance and how well he did. I think they should have added what people thought about his performance and how well he did. The author needed to compare him a little less then he did.