Album Review on R5


R5 first started off doing little concerts in their basement for their family. When the started to get older they took dance lessons, the oldest son Riker Lynch wanted to be an actor or singer so they packed up the whole family and moved out to California. The band contains of Riker Lynch (the oldest) Rydel Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ross Lynch and Ryland Lynch is the youngest of them. They have always wanted tyo make music and be in a band together, but Ryland wasn’t that into the band situation. This is when they met Ratliff, he was a drummer and that is what they needed to complete there band.

Since then then they have been playing at little areas just to be there and have fun, but when Ross Lynch landed the role of Austin on Austin and Ally there career as a band took off. They came out with an album called Louder, this album has a lot of love songs, but also some songs that you can just have fun to.

With both Austin and Ally and the band R5 taking off their music grows throughout the world. They are now traveling the world and are gaining fans each and everyday. The bands over all favorite song on the album is Cali girl because it’s a love song but it is also a upbeat song you can dance to. “I like them Cali girls, like the way they move” this is some of the lyrics, but the band members have different favorites on the album.

One last Dance is a very emotional yet sweet song that I think anyone could relate to, this song talks about a boy and a girl meeting in high school but things went wrong for them. The ending they want to be together but so many things have went wrong so the boy asks for one last dance (meaning a second chance for love). This band is blowing up the charts and everyone loves it. This band is a family band, the only one that isn’t related is Ratliff, but they call him a brother anyway. R5 calls their fans part of the family so they call them R5 family.

R5 have already went on two worlds tours and are looking forward to doing more. Their plan is top travel to every state and every country so they can meet all there R5 family.

-Samantha Dewey Student Reporter


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