Blackfish review


The movie reviewed told you how it was, its a good but bad thing for animal captivity. The movie review said that no harm was done to the orca behind the scenes. It was taken care of and protected. It said it was a very realistic but nonrealistic with some of the scenes, they could tell whether or not it was real or not.

A couple of highlights of the movie was that they didn’t refer to it as a orca but a black fish because that is basically what it is. Also that a marine trainer was killed by a orca named Tilikum. Sea world was hoping that blackfish would show you that things happen and yes it was sad but animals don’t really know what there doing to them. The movie try’s to bring a good discussion to the orcas and how they are only animals.

The negative things about the movie was that they basically focused on the death of the marine trainer and not about how the animals are mostly calm and nice. Also that the trainer that only worked at sea world for 2  years left, they said if there wasn’t trainers in this movie then it would be completely fake.

The movie seems okay just that its getting a lot of hate because of the death of the marine worker. It seems like a lot of things are fake and that they need to make it more realistic.

The movie review is stating that it was a good movie just that a orca should not be kept in a small tank they need to be in the wild. When orcas are in a small space for a long time they begin to have anxiety and that’s when they start to roll and toss to try to get free.

The highlights are the emotional parts of the movie. Like the killing part is very emotional but that is what captivity does to large animals that need to be free. It shows you that large animals being kept in captivity can relate to injuries or worse death and that is exactly what can happen if you don’t release the animal back in to the wild.

The negative is the killing and the death of the marine workers. It was sad and there blaming sea world for the death so they are sewing them. It was also about the orca being kept in captivity and not being released when he should’ve been, so it could’ve hurt more people and being in the small space is not good for the orca.

My overall opinion is that sea world knew it wasn’t good to keep an animal that large in captivity and they should’ve released it right away when it was helped. Zoo’s are meant to be fun an happy not sadness and that’s exactly how the animals feel kept in a small area. Its different with small animals because you can give them a large space to walk or swim but with a orca they need room which a small zoo can not provide.


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