Black fish trailer

My initial reaction was very interested, its not very often you see an orca. I think that they shouldn’t keep orcas in a small space because horrible things can happen. I was very surprised to see what had happened and what they did about the orca. It was actually very sad and kind of disappointing.

I think the documentary will be about the orca being captured and being put in a aquarium basically.  It’ll probably be about how the orca went a little crazy and killed the trainer but I mean its a very big creature and there meant to be in the wild not in a small concealed area.

My issue is that If the orca didn’t need help in the first place and they just captured the orca for no reason is wrong and disrespectful. I mean no human would want to be taken from there home and put on display. The orcas and any other wild animal needs to be where they belong and that’s in the wild not in a cage. I’m not surprised really, the orca wanted to free not locked up for viewing.

Sea world is probably very surprised and disappointed in the orca, but I mean they cant expect it to act like a human because its not. Its meant to be a orca and sea world apparently doesn’t see it. I have no clue what there going to do about the orca but they need to probably put it back in the wild I think that’s what is best for the orca and Sea World.

Sea world

Im surprised that they think its the trainers fault. Its not hers its everyone because your keeping them in captivity. They don’t need to blame her they need to take responsibility.

No my attitude didn’t change it just got worse because they want to blame the trainer when It wasn’t her fault.

That yes the orca did attack but it was somewhat kind of the trainers fault for not seeing it coming but that they need to be more aware.


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