Blackfish movie review

Lexington NC-

Blackfish is a movie about orcas and the attacks they have done. Blackfish is in productions with magnolia and CNN. They created this documentary to let people know how Tilikum and many other killer whales have killed many people.

Even though tilikum has killed many people trainers still want to work with him in the tanks and see if he will change. Tilikums past also goes along with why he has killed, he’s had a traumatic life, being taken from his mother and also being kept in a little tank his whole life. In Tilikums defense there has never been a report of a orca killing anyone in the wild but in captivity they have killed a lot of people because of the stress and being locked up.

Tilikum would listen but also be stubborn leading up to the point of a trainers death. The trainers name was Dawn, no one suspected for tilikum to kill her because she had such a personal connection with the whales. When tilikum wouldn’t listen or would get something wrong the other two female orcas would attack him. Tilikum would have scratches everywhere from them slamming into him. They would also lock him and the other two females in a 20ft by 30ft pool all night and most of the day. The orcas would spend half of there lives in a pool.

One of the men in the video talks about being on the boat where they had to pick the baby orcas from their mothers. He said it was the hardest thing because you just imagine your own kids being taken away from you. Now that he looks back he didn’t know what he was doing wrong he thought this is what was suppose to happen. By the time they got all of the orcas to the enclosure, half of them would be dead. If the orcas were dead they would tie chains and cement bricks to them and sink them to the bottom of the ocean. He didn’t know at the time you weren’t suppose to do that but later on found out and quit.

The orcas in captivity should be set free because there not made to be there, their meant to be able to swim over 1000 miles a day and not be only able to swim 50 ft. The movie was an overall good movie and it gave you a good inside look on what goes on in the minds of the killer whale.

Student reporter-
-Samantha Dewey


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