Wilie Wonka Review


Willy Wonka is an overall great movie. If you have a young child or if your just a young person at heart and love these kinds of movies this would be a great movie idea for you. You wont go through this movie without a laugh.  15 years before the story begins, Willy Wonka dismissed his employees and locked his factory gates.  One day Willy Wonka announces a contest: For the five lucky children who find golden tickets in their Wonka Bars, and Willy Wonka will personally take them through the factory. A special surprise is promised for one of them. Of course Charlie wins one of the tickets, not without surprise.

 The movie deals with kids having to find golden tickets to meet willy wonka and go in his factory. .The kids go through all these places and one rotten kid after the other starts to go away. The situations they are in are funny and dangerous. At the end of the tour Charlie is the only one left so he is the one that gets the surprise. Willy then offers him to come and stay with him to take over the factory but Charlie refuses. Charlie wont leave his family to go watch the factory,

This movie is a great laugh and a great movie to enjoy with the family but it also teaches a good lesson. It tells you no matter how small you think you are good things can happen. Also never leave your family for one thing, your family should always be more important then anything else.

Student Reporter

-Samantha Dewey



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