Two girls caught Breaking and Entering

Two girls caught Breaking and Entering

Lexington, NC-

Two girls had broken into a house around 10:32. The girls that had broken in were from Charlotte, NC they had both broken in to the house and started to load things into their pockets and purses and whatever they could find. It wasn’t too long after they broke in that the cops were called. The girls took off out the back door, but the cops had already surrounded the house. They tried to run for the woods but they were caught eventually.

The girls were both 16 and were run a way’s, the parents had been looking for them when they saw on the news they had been arrested. We talked to the girls about what they did and they both said “were poor we were just trying to make some money”. Both girls were both sent to be trialed, they were found guilty. Both parents didn’t want to see their kids go to jail, so they ended up with 6 months of community service. Our reporters later talked with these girls a few weeks before they would get released to see if they had changed their minds about breaking and entering. “The thing we did was wrong, but it did happen and even if we wished we could take it back we can’t.” the two girls said.

The girls were released from community service a couple weeks later. The parents of the two young girls looked so happy to see their daughters. Both of the young 16 year old girls have stated that, that was the longest and worst time away from their parents. The girls also said “it actually felt good to help the community”. They said they are going to help the community more so they have something to do to keep their minds off of getting in trouble.

We wanted to do a checkup on the girls to see if they had been doing well. We talked to the parents and they said “the girls have a better attitude and are still working with the community service”.

Student Reporter-
Samantha Dewey


Wilie Wonka Review


Willy Wonka is an overall great movie. If you have a young child or if your just a young person at heart and love these kinds of movies this would be a great movie idea for you. You wont go through this movie without a laugh.  15 years before the story begins, Willy Wonka dismissed his employees and locked his factory gates.  One day Willy Wonka announces a contest: For the five lucky children who find golden tickets in their Wonka Bars, and Willy Wonka will personally take them through the factory. A special surprise is promised for one of them. Of course Charlie wins one of the tickets, not without surprise.

 The movie deals with kids having to find golden tickets to meet willy wonka and go in his factory. .The kids go through all these places and one rotten kid after the other starts to go away. The situations they are in are funny and dangerous. At the end of the tour Charlie is the only one left so he is the one that gets the surprise. Willy then offers him to come and stay with him to take over the factory but Charlie refuses. Charlie wont leave his family to go watch the factory,

This movie is a great laugh and a great movie to enjoy with the family but it also teaches a good lesson. It tells you no matter how small you think you are good things can happen. Also never leave your family for one thing, your family should always be more important then anything else.

Student Reporter

-Samantha Dewey


Blackfish movie review

Lexington NC-

Blackfish is a movie about orcas and the attacks they have done. Blackfish is in productions with magnolia and CNN. They created this documentary to let people know how Tilikum and many other killer whales have killed many people.

Even though tilikum has killed many people trainers still want to work with him in the tanks and see if he will change. Tilikums past also goes along with why he has killed, he’s had a traumatic life, being taken from his mother and also being kept in a little tank his whole life. In Tilikums defense there has never been a report of a orca killing anyone in the wild but in captivity they have killed a lot of people because of the stress and being locked up.

Tilikum would listen but also be stubborn leading up to the point of a trainers death. The trainers name was Dawn, no one suspected for tilikum to kill her because she had such a personal connection with the whales. When tilikum wouldn’t listen or would get something wrong the other two female orcas would attack him. Tilikum would have scratches everywhere from them slamming into him. They would also lock him and the other two females in a 20ft by 30ft pool all night and most of the day. The orcas would spend half of there lives in a pool.

One of the men in the video talks about being on the boat where they had to pick the baby orcas from their mothers. He said it was the hardest thing because you just imagine your own kids being taken away from you. Now that he looks back he didn’t know what he was doing wrong he thought this is what was suppose to happen. By the time they got all of the orcas to the enclosure, half of them would be dead. If the orcas were dead they would tie chains and cement bricks to them and sink them to the bottom of the ocean. He didn’t know at the time you weren’t suppose to do that but later on found out and quit.

The orcas in captivity should be set free because there not made to be there, their meant to be able to swim over 1000 miles a day and not be only able to swim 50 ft. The movie was an overall good movie and it gave you a good inside look on what goes on in the minds of the killer whale.

Student reporter-
-Samantha Dewey

Black fish trailer

My initial reaction was very interested, its not very often you see an orca. I think that they shouldn’t keep orcas in a small space because horrible things can happen. I was very surprised to see what had happened and what they did about the orca. It was actually very sad and kind of disappointing.

I think the documentary will be about the orca being captured and being put in a aquarium basically.  It’ll probably be about how the orca went a little crazy and killed the trainer but I mean its a very big creature and there meant to be in the wild not in a small concealed area.

My issue is that If the orca didn’t need help in the first place and they just captured the orca for no reason is wrong and disrespectful. I mean no human would want to be taken from there home and put on display. The orcas and any other wild animal needs to be where they belong and that’s in the wild not in a cage. I’m not surprised really, the orca wanted to free not locked up for viewing.

Sea world is probably very surprised and disappointed in the orca, but I mean they cant expect it to act like a human because its not. Its meant to be a orca and sea world apparently doesn’t see it. I have no clue what there going to do about the orca but they need to probably put it back in the wild I think that’s what is best for the orca and Sea World.

Sea world

Im surprised that they think its the trainers fault. Its not hers its everyone because your keeping them in captivity. They don’t need to blame her they need to take responsibility.

No my attitude didn’t change it just got worse because they want to blame the trainer when It wasn’t her fault.

That yes the orca did attack but it was somewhat kind of the trainers fault for not seeing it coming but that they need to be more aware.

Blackfish review


The movie reviewed told you how it was, its a good but bad thing for animal captivity. The movie review said that no harm was done to the orca behind the scenes. It was taken care of and protected. It said it was a very realistic but nonrealistic with some of the scenes, they could tell whether or not it was real or not.

A couple of highlights of the movie was that they didn’t refer to it as a orca but a black fish because that is basically what it is. Also that a marine trainer was killed by a orca named Tilikum. Sea world was hoping that blackfish would show you that things happen and yes it was sad but animals don’t really know what there doing to them. The movie try’s to bring a good discussion to the orcas and how they are only animals.

The negative things about the movie was that they basically focused on the death of the marine trainer and not about how the animals are mostly calm and nice. Also that the trainer that only worked at sea world for 2  years left, they said if there wasn’t trainers in this movie then it would be completely fake.

The movie seems okay just that its getting a lot of hate because of the death of the marine worker. It seems like a lot of things are fake and that they need to make it more realistic.

The movie review is stating that it was a good movie just that a orca should not be kept in a small tank they need to be in the wild. When orcas are in a small space for a long time they begin to have anxiety and that’s when they start to roll and toss to try to get free.

The highlights are the emotional parts of the movie. Like the killing part is very emotional but that is what captivity does to large animals that need to be free. It shows you that large animals being kept in captivity can relate to injuries or worse death and that is exactly what can happen if you don’t release the animal back in to the wild.

The negative is the killing and the death of the marine workers. It was sad and there blaming sea world for the death so they are sewing them. It was also about the orca being kept in captivity and not being released when he should’ve been, so it could’ve hurt more people and being in the small space is not good for the orca.

My overall opinion is that sea world knew it wasn’t good to keep an animal that large in captivity and they should’ve released it right away when it was helped. Zoo’s are meant to be fun an happy not sadness and that’s exactly how the animals feel kept in a small area. Its different with small animals because you can give them a large space to walk or swim but with a orca they need room which a small zoo can not provide.

Album Review on R5


R5 first started off doing little concerts in their basement for their family. When the started to get older they took dance lessons, the oldest son Riker Lynch wanted to be an actor or singer so they packed up the whole family and moved out to California. The band contains of Riker Lynch (the oldest) Rydel Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ross Lynch and Ryland Lynch is the youngest of them. They have always wanted tyo make music and be in a band together, but Ryland wasn’t that into the band situation. This is when they met Ratliff, he was a drummer and that is what they needed to complete there band.

Since then then they have been playing at little areas just to be there and have fun, but when Ross Lynch landed the role of Austin on Austin and Ally there career as a band took off. They came out with an album called Louder, this album has a lot of love songs, but also some songs that you can just have fun to.

With both Austin and Ally and the band R5 taking off their music grows throughout the world. They are now traveling the world and are gaining fans each and everyday. The bands over all favorite song on the album is Cali girl because it’s a love song but it is also a upbeat song you can dance to. “I like them Cali girls, like the way they move” this is some of the lyrics, but the band members have different favorites on the album.

One last Dance is a very emotional yet sweet song that I think anyone could relate to, this song talks about a boy and a girl meeting in high school but things went wrong for them. The ending they want to be together but so many things have went wrong so the boy asks for one last dance (meaning a second chance for love). This band is blowing up the charts and everyone loves it. This band is a family band, the only one that isn’t related is Ratliff, but they call him a brother anyway. R5 calls their fans part of the family so they call them R5 family.

R5 have already went on two worlds tours and are looking forward to doing more. Their plan is top travel to every state and every country so they can meet all there R5 family.

-Samantha Dewey Student Reporter