Two girls caught Breaking and Entering

Two girls caught Breaking and Entering

Lexington, NC-

Two girls had broken into a house around 10:32. The girls that had broken in were from Charlotte, NC they had both broken in to the house and started to load things into their pockets and purses and whatever they could find. It wasn’t too long after they broke in that the cops were called. The girls took off out the back door, but the cops had already surrounded the house. They tried to run for the woods but they were caught eventually.

The girls were both 16 and were run a way’s, the parents had been looking for them when they saw on the news they had been arrested. We talked to the girls about what they did and they both said “were poor we were just trying to make some money”. Both girls were both sent to be trialed, they were found guilty. Both parents didn’t want to see their kids go to jail, so they ended up with 6 months of community service. Our reporters later talked with these girls a few weeks before they would get released to see if they had changed their minds about breaking and entering. “The thing we did was wrong, but it did happen and even if we wished we could take it back we can’t.” the two girls said.

The girls were released from community service a couple weeks later. The parents of the two young girls looked so happy to see their daughters. Both of the young 16 year old girls have stated that, that was the longest and worst time away from their parents. The girls also said “it actually felt good to help the community”. They said they are going to help the community more so they have something to do to keep their minds off of getting in trouble.

We wanted to do a checkup on the girls to see if they had been doing well. We talked to the parents and they said “the girls have a better attitude and are still working with the community service”.

Student Reporter-
Samantha Dewey